Michael Card

Available December 2019

.Net Contract Developer, MVC.Net, Web API, JQuery, Vue.js


I am an experienced developer with a strong background in C# .NET with a focus on MVC.Net and WPF development. I have excellent knowledge of the ASP.Net request stack ranging from HttpApplication to HttpHandler, with additional experience in implementing bespoke HttpModules.

My primary skills are in framework and component engineering. I work best when given the opportunity to express my opinions on UI design and structure in addition to creating re-usable components within an MVC environment. I see myself predominantly as a web application developer, with further skills in XHTML and HTML5, Javascript (and JQuery), and CSS up to version 3. I have good instincts when it comes to HCI and accessibility principles, with good knowledge of semantic mark-up and SEO.

I have great working knowledge of relational database design, with fundamentals in SQL with some experience of PL/SQL in addition to strong understanding of database normalisation. In addition I have investigated the use of document stores including RavenDB and DocumentX (Microsoft).

Furthermore, I have a solid foundation of knowledge in object oriented programming and design fundamentals. I am a strong advocate for “Component Engineering” and following of SOLID principles. I have good instincts when it comes to using design patterns and am always looking to develop these skills further to better my personal development practices.


Years experience


Years in industry


Years in contracting


Contract Renewals


Stack Development Confidence

Front End: Client Side, including Javascript and MVC Views
Front End: Server Side, including MVC Controllers and Models (not including MVC 6 or Core)
Service Development, including WCF, API and Database design and development


  • C# Development
  • C# ASP.Net MVC
  • Bootstrap
  • Agile Principles
  • Scrum practices
  • Project Management and life cycles
  • Prince2
  • Document Db Development
  • SQL Db Development
  • Infrustructure - including IIS and Azure
  • (Some) Angular2
  • Streamserve
  • BizTalk
  • WPF + Silverlight
  • PHP


C# .Net


Javascript + JQuery


MVC.Net 5.2.3


Data Stores (SQL + Doc)



  • Cub Leader
  • Hiking
  • Science and Technology


Full stack C# MVC.Net Developer

My Primary skill set includes MVC layer development as well as backend WCF or API development, primarily following principles of SOLID and a the lesser known principle: Common Sence development.

Javascript with jQuery

Following the same principles as SOLID C# development, I have in depth knowledge of client side coding to develop well structured, reusable jQuery based Javascript.

Interface Development

I work best when following mock-ups or a prespecified theme. I am not a UI designer, however am passionate about following common sense approaches to screen layout that promotes user interaction.

Scrum Master and Trainer, including SPE

Having been involved in 3 companies transitioning to SCRUM and Agile Development practices, I am confident with the framework and specific implementations. Despite not specifically having a scrum master role, I am confident that I will be able to fulfil this role.

Development Coach/Training

I am confident in delivering live presentations and walkthroughs on MVC and Web API development, as well as client side development and frameworks.

Data Stores, including SQL and Document

I have good knowledge of SQL and DAL frameworks such as NHibernate and Entity framework. Within freelance and personal projects, I have now moved to primarily using MongoDb with previous exposure to Raven.


  • Contracting

  • C# Lead Developer: ElimeLight - Holiday Caravans Direct

    Soley responsible for the development of a letting management and availability site (not live as yet). During my time working on "HCD", I have had the oppertunity to develop my knowledge of TFS; C#; MongoDb; Entity Framework; MVC.Net 5; and TypeScript. During the course of the development, I developed a number of frameworks including CMS and abstract component engineering techniques - both front and back end. I have also had the oppertunity to learn more about TypeScript as a language and develop a richer understanding of Less and various JQuery Libraries.

  • C# Senior Developer: Activus Ltd.

    During my time, I have implemented a number of various front end frameworks build with C# MVC and JavaScript. One such framework followed a similar concept to Angular 2 and resulted in the JavaScript being completely decoupled from the Html layer within the MVC project.
    The main focus of the project was to assist in converting existing Vb6 Windows Form application to MVC.Net product. Mainly involving working from existing functionality and additional requirements as well as advising on technical architecture and implementation.
    Additional responsibilities also include providing technical overviews the MVC.Net framework (including Web API), advising on estimates and contributing to technical discussions, light supervising activities at times, advising on infrastructure and development tools, and general development activities (full stack).

  • Permanent

  • C# Senior Developer: JLT Development - BenPal

    JLT has offered a rich experience base. During my time here I have learned a great deal about NHibernate and WCF, and have aided in the development of cross platform API integration solution between BenPal and Streamserve using BizTalk. I have also introduced the concept of component engineering within MVC, creating reusable Models and Views, and a framework for modal based wizard forms (including the implementation of the Ajax form). This also involved investigation into working with custom model binding to enable the use of abstract class bindings for abstract controllers, which enables fast implementation and reuse that does not affect the quality of the implementation. Working with this legacy C# and ASP.Net product, I also enabled the company to use both ASP and Razor view engines to allow them to transition the product to the razor syntax.

  • C# Developer: Lyons Davidson

    During my time at Lyons Davidson, my C# development skills increased dramatically. I was able to work with an array of solutions involving MVC.Net; Silverlight; ASP.Net Forms; Win Forms; WPF; WCF; Windows Services; and Console Applications. These applications were self-contained and uncoupled from the solutions that they were a part of. I also improved my knowledge of Ms SQL; development practices and patterns; and event driven development.

  • C# Developer: Brightside IT (full time)

    Following my placement year, I was not required to attend university and the company offered me a full time contract as a Developer (as opposed to a Junior Developer Role). I have since worked as part of a SCRUM development team on the company’s legacy and future systems. The system itself is made up of PHP; VB6; MySQL database; and C# code and I have furthered my knowledge in all of those areas, as well as supporting my placement project – Automation Portal – as it was fully integrated into the development lifecycle and testing infrastructure.

  • Placement Developer: Brightside IT (University Placement)

    Within Brightside IT (formerly eDevelopment), I was responsible for the development of side projects such as an MVC.Net security site; vs2010 csProj collapse console; QTP Automation Portal (C# [Razor] MVC.Net). It was also required that I do my final year project as part of this placement year, where I furthered my skills in Prince2 and the different stages of the software development lifecycle. The company was also transitioning to SCRUM Agile and I was invited to attend various workshops presented by an external trainer (Agile Bear).

Freelance Projects


Please feel free to get in touch with projects or contract opportunities.
Please note that I do not answer calls from unknown numbers, please leave your details via voicemail so that I can give you a call back when available.

  • Own Equipment Available
  • Prefered rate: £350-£400
  • Bristol Area +/- 50 miles
  • (+44) 07447 925 468
  • MikeCard@Outlook.com